Composing your poster presentation
  • The poster should summarize your research in a clear, attractive, and concise way
  • The responsibility for printing the poster as well as the printing costs will be with the poster presenter
  • The poster should be in US or UK English (please be consistent), Spanish, or Portuguese
  • The poster should be A0-size (1189 x 841 mm, or 46.8 x 33.1 in), one-sided
  • Submit a digital version of your poster before June 10, 2019, so that we can also display the posters digitally
  • You can hand in your printed poster at the registration desk when you arrive at the conference.
  • A poster pitch session will be scheduled, poster presenters will be informed later on about this.
Submitting your poster presentation
  • Please only submit the poster in PDF-format
  • You can upload your poster presentation via your existing account with the Conference Module
    • Login via with your login credentials
    • Click on link [Paper presenter]
    • Click on title of presentation
    • Browse and upload your poster as PDF-file
  • All posters need to be uploaded by June 10, 2019
Publication of conference posters
  • A digital copy of all posters will be available online via the conference website
  • A digital copy of all conference posters will be stored with the Digital Library of the Commons
  • In case of any copyright issues, please inform us by separate e-mail via as soon as you have uploaded your poster.